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Associate Professor (PhD, HDR) in Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience

Université Paris Cité

Junior Member of the Institut Universitaire de France



  • 2022: Grant from the Science Faculty of Université Paris Cité for scientific mediation (12,000€). PI: Laura Dugué

  • 2022: INCC Grant to organize a Workshop (3,000€). PI: Laura Dugué & Daniel Margulies

  • Since 2021: Annual grant from Université Paris Cité, UFR Sciences Fondamentales et Biomédicales for Hacking Cognition (10,000€). PI: Laura Dugué

  • 2020-2025: ERC Starting Grant (1,500,000€). PI: Laura Dugué

  • 2018-2021: ANR-DGF French-German grant (340,000€). PI: Laura Dugué & Niko Busch

  • 2017-2018: Support from the MEG-EEG Center ICM for MEG experimentation and source localization. PI: Laura Dugué

  • 2016-2018: R21 NIH research grant. PI: Carrasco ($250,000)

  • 2015: Grant from NYU ($10,000) for fMRI piloting. PIs: Marisa Carrasco and David Heeger

  • 2014: Grant from NYU ($10,000) for fMRI piloting. PI: Marisa Carrasco

  • 2013: ATUPS Toulouse University travel grant (850€) for an internship in Carrasco’s lab, NYC

  • 2012: Grant from the NRJ foundation. PI: Rufin VanRullen (40,000€)


  • 2023-2026: 3 years PhD scholarship awarded to Yue Kong by ed3c doctoral school (salary)

  • 2018-2021: 3 years PhD scholarship awarded to Garance Merholz by ed3c doctoral school (salary + 3,000€ research fund)

  • 2016-2018: Revson Senior Fellowship in Biomedical science ($180,000). Declined in favor of the Associate professor position in Paris

  • 2014-2015: 2 years post-doctoral fellowship, FYSSEN foundation, to work with Pr. Carrasco (50,000€)

  • 2010-2013: 3 years PhD scholarship awarded for finishing first of the year (50,400€)


  • 2023: (Michel, Dugué & Busch, 2022) received the EJN Best Publication Award 2023

  • 2021: Théodule Ribot award in Scientific Psychology for personal achievements and international recognition

  • 2019: Nominated to be part of Anneslist - highlighting female systems neuroscientists

  • 2019-2024: Nominated at the Institut Universitaire de France

  • 2015: Grant from the Philippe Foundation for personal achievements

  • 2014: Grant from the Philippe Foundation for personal achievements

  • 2012: Clesco doctoral school 2012 award for PhD research progress

  • 2011: (Dugué et al., 2011a) has been selected and evaluated by the faculty of 1000


Scientific responsibilities


  • Since 2021: Consulting Editor for Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience

  • 2019-2021: Guest editor for European Journal of Neuroscience. Special issue on "Rhythms in Cognition: Revisiting the evidence"

  • Since 2019: Reviewing editor for eLife - Neuroscience section


  • Since 2020: Reviewer in PhD Defense committees (#3)

    • Prasakti Tenri Fanyiwi, 2022 (Schmid Lab, NewCastle University, UK); Samson Chota, 2020 (VanRullen Lab, CerCo, Toulouse); Corentin Gaillard, 2020 (Ben Hamed Lab, INSU, Lyon)

  • 2018: Recruitment committee for associate professor position (#2)

  • Since 2017Examiner in PhD Defense committees (#7)

    • Zhaoyang Pang, 2022 (VanRullen Lab, CerCo, Toulouse); Angelo Franciosin, 2021 (Perrinet Lab, INT, Marseille); Nicolai Wolpert, 2021 (Tallon-Baudry Lab, ENS, Paris); Maxime Maheu, 2019 (Dehaene Lab, Neurospin, Paris); Maria Ortiz, 2019 (Gervain Lab, INCC, Paris); Chloé Stengel, 2019 (Valero-Cabre Lab, ICM, Paris); Sasskia Bruers, 2017 (VanRullen Lab, CerCo, Toulouse)


  • Since 2011: Member of organizing and scientific committees of international conferences

    • Since 2020: ​Vision summer school, CRIM, Marseille

    • 2017-2018: Decision-making workshop, 2017-2018 (Institut des Etudes Avancées, Paris).

    • 2011: 34th European Conference on Visual Perception, 2011 (Toulouse,


  • Since 2021: Member of SCONe (Scottish-EU Critical Oscillations Network)

  • Since 2011: Reviewer Ad hoc for: Trends in Cognitive Sciences; Nature Communications; Current Biology; eLife; Journal of Neuroscience; Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience; Neuroimage; Scientific Report; Journal of Vision; Brain Stimulation; Vision Research; Frontiers in Neuroscience; Cortex; i-Perception; Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment; Cognitive, Affective, and Behavioral Neuroscience.

  • Since 2011: Member of scientific societies: Society for Neuroscience (USA), Vision Science Society (USA), GDRVision (France), Société des Neurosciences (France)

Educational responsibilities

  • Since 2022: Nominated member of the Comité de Perfectionnement of the Neuroscience Master, Université Paris Cité

  • Since 2020: Founder and Director of the national Hacking Cognition initiative: collaborative course federating 5 French Masters in Cognitive Sciences.

  • Since 2018: Member of doctoral follow-up committees (#6)

  • Since 2017: Co-director of studies for the CogMaster – Université Paris Cité, ENS et EHESS

  • Since 2016: Member of the pedagogical committee of the UFR de Sciences Fondamentales et Biomédicales, Université Paris Cité

  • Since 2016: Member of the pedagogical committee of the CogMaster, Université Paris Cité, ENS and EHESS

Collective responsibilities

  • 2023 – 2027Nominated member of the Scientific Council of the UFR Sciences Fondamentales et Biomédicale, Université Paris Cité

  • 2023 – 2027Elected member of the Research Committee of the Science Faculty of Université Paris Cité.

  • 2021 – 2026: Elected member of the Comité National de la Recherche Scientific in section 26 (Brain, Cognition, Behavior)

  • Since 2020: Member of the INCC committee in charge of organizing the allocation of laboratory space

  • Since 2020: Ethics correspondent for the INCC (human experimentation and GDPR), Université Paris Cité

  • 2018: Member of the committee in charge of organizing the INCC restructuration, Université Paris Cité

  • Since 2018: Principal investigator of an ethics research project (CPP/IRB) for neuroimaging research performed at the ICM, Hôpital de la Pitié Salpétrière, Paris

  • 2017 – 2018: Member of the laboratory committee to represent INCC Professors and Associate Professors

  • Since 2016: In charge of the installation and maintenance of the INCC Vision Group wiki platform

  • 2014 – 2016: In charge of the NYU TMS platform

  • 2006 – 2008: Member of the "Conseil des Etudes et de la Vie Universitaire (CEVU)," Université de Toulouse


Dr. Dugué teaches in the Biomedical department of Université de Paris.


  • 2019: Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches (HDR) in Cognitive Neuroscience, at the INCC UMR 8002 CNRS, Université Paris Cité, FRANCE. 

    • Thesis: Rhythms of Perception and Attention: a multimodal neuroimaging approach.

  • 2014-2016: Post-doctoral Fellow in Cognitive Neuroscience, at New York University, Department of Psychology and Center for Neural Science, New York, USA.

    • Advisor: Pr. Marisa Carrasco.

    • Keywords: Attention, orienting, reorienting, TMS, fMRI, MEG, psychophysics.

  • 2010-2013: PhD Student in Cognitive Neuroscience, at the CerCo, Toulouse, FRANCE.

    • Advisor: Dr. VanRullen.

    • Thesis: Attentional and Perceptual Cycles.

  • 2008-2010: M.S. in Neuroscience, Behavior and Cognition

    • 1st year (1/135): Internship at the CRCA, Toulouse, FRANCE. Advisor: Pr. Lassalle. Keywords: Hippocampus, memory, mice.

    • 2nd year (1/18): Internship at the CerCo, Toulouse, FRANCE. Advisor: Dr. VanRullen. Keywords: TMS, attention, visual search.

  • 2005-2008: Bachelor of biology (magna cum laude; 3/91) at Toulouse University, FRANCE.

    • 2007: Internship at the Cognitive Science lab, Bordeaux, FRANCE. Advisor: Dr. Faita-Aïnseba. Keywords: language, idiomatic expressions.

Training schools


  • Experimental skills:

    • Psychophysics 

    • EEG: biosemi, brainproduct (brainamp), EGI

    • TMS: Magstim Rapid2, Magstim Rapid2 Plus1, MagProX100, Brainsight Neuronavigation system (Rogue)

    • Eyetracking: eyelink

    • fMRI: certified operator for Siemens Allegra 3T (NYU)

    • MEG: MEG Vision, NYU (Institut Technologique Kanazawa, Japon), Elekta Neuromag TRIUX.

    • Computational modeling 

  • Computer skills:

    • Matlab: EEGlab, Fieldtrip, mrTool, mgl, PsychToolbox, StatisticsToolbox, CircularToolbox

    • Python: MNE-Python, PsychoPy

    • R

    • Statistica

  • Languages: French (native), English (fluent), Spanish (scholar).

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